Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Movie Year So Far: Disappointments

We're now halfway through the year and summer movie season has just begun. I thought it would be a good time to have a small look back at the year so far, looking at different aspects. I'll save any lists of top 10 best films until the end of the year as it is the big one but this two part series will show the surprises of the year as will as this first post, the disappointments. 

Now I'm almost certain that people are going to disagree with some of the movies that appear on this list. That's more than fine, if there is a film on this list that you really liked, great! I'm glad you could get more enjoyment out of them than I could. These are all my opinion and are just the films that I feel failed to deliver.

5. Batman V Superman

Starting off is a film that has really split audiences. This film should've been the greatest superhero movie ever with the two most popular characters coming together on the big screen for the first time. Instead we got one of the messiest movies so far that tried so hard to catch up with Marvel but failed miserably in doing so. Some awful plot points and writing really hurt this one so much that not even Ben Affleck's Batman could save it. Don't even bring up the use of 'Granny's Peach Tea' or 'Martha' which brought some of the most laughably bad moments this year. The only reason this is fifth in the list is due to the trailers beforehand which seemed to signal that this film would not be great.

4. X-Men Apocalypse

Sadly at number four is another superhero movie that looked to be setting up an epic clash. X-Men had a very good trailer and added Oscar Isaac to become the latest villain in the series as well as bringing in a young cast to freshen up some of the other heroes. However the film didn't use the new cast to nearly its full potential and created one of the most average superhero movies of recent times. A few glimpses of greatness weren't enough as the latest X-Men failed to deliver what promised to be an amazing spectacle. It didn't seem like this one would fail and looked a certainty to build on from the success of 'Days of Future Past' but it created the worst out of the new trilogy. Very disappointing which came as quite a surprise to me as I expected big things from this instalment.

 3. Hail Caesar!

Arguably the best cast of the year so far with the direction of the famous Coen Brothers, Hail Caesar! had all the potential to be fantastic. A decent trailer had me looking forward to this look back at 1950's cinema. However the films story ended up being quite pointless with not much really happening in the film. Topped off with a weak ending, Hail Caesar! became one of the most underwhelming movies that has came out this year. The film had great potential and seemed to be setting up a lot of exciting stories however it just seemed to not have anything that interesting happen and all the stories fell short. It certainly didn't deliver which is really disappointing considering the talent which was involved.

2. High Rise

High Rise had one of the best trailers of the year which got me so excited to see the full film. A solid cast starring the easily likeable Tom Hiddleston added to this and I expected High Rise to be one of the films we would be talking about throughout the rest of the years for all the right reasons. Unfortunately High Rise is probably the messiest film of the year so far to the point where you can barely keep up with everything that is going on and was hardly watchable. The trailer also seemed to mislead with the way it was going which didn't help. I eagarly anticipated this one for months and when it eventually came, sadly I left hugely disappointed.

1. Midnight Special

The biggest disappointment of the year so far by a clear distance is Midnight Special. Like the other films on this list, Midnight Special had a great trailer. It left plenty of mystery for the audience going into this which is great in this day in age. Little did I know that it wasn't really keeping that much away from me as I sat through one of the most boring movies of the year. This film has done incredibly well with critics and I just don't understand how. Nothing eventful happens in this film and it is so bleak that makes you wish you were watching nearly any other sci-fi movie. This film features talented actors like Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton and Adam Driver and even none of them could make the film seem that interesting. The ending is a total mess and is so strange that there is no knowing to what has just happened.

So that concludes my list of the top 5 movies that have disappointed me so far this year. I'd like to know which films have disappointed you this year. I'm really quite saddened that these films didn't quite do enough for me but there have been plenty that have surprised me in a good way. That will be the next post in this mini series so please make sure to look out for that post too!
Once again thank you for reading my blog post, it is much appreciated.

By Angus McGregor

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