Saturday, 5 November 2016

Month at the Movies: October

September got us back on the right track in terms of movie quality so I was hoping that October would only continue that. At times, October matched the quality with some real quality films. Unfortunately, there were some stinkers within the month too. I was fortunate enough to see 11 different films this October in what was a mixed month. 

If you aren't aware of this series, I pretty much go through the month and rank the movies that I saw that month based on a combination of quality and how much I enjoyed the film. So lets get into the list! 

11. Keeping Up With The Joneses

We start the list off with the action-comedy 'Keeping Up With The Joneses'. This films writing was ultimately the downfall as the comedy wasn't funny and there wasn't enough good action to make this viewing worthwhile. The cast tries their best but they can't save this film from falling short. There aren't many highlights to this film and it most certainly isn't one that you should be rushing to see.

Final Verdict = D+

10. Inferno

Boy, was this a dull film. A film which takes our protagonist all over the world to solve clues before the end of the world should be very exciting. 'Inferno' most definitely was not that. Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones do well in their roles and the film looks great, as it showcases some beautiful places in the world. However, the story is not handled well at all, with twists that make no sense. I'm really surprised that a big budget film like this, with the talent on board, was as bad as it was. Hopefully, they take more care next time if they continue the Robert Langdon series.

Final Verdict = D+

9. The Girl On The Train

Much like the first two films on this list, the cast isn't the problem with the film. Much like 'Inferno', this is another case of a fairly big budget film failing. The film based off of the successful book had the claim of 'The thriller that shook the world' being associated with its advertising. The film was anything but that as its messy story failed to deliver big time. Emily Blunt does a good job as does the rest of the case, but in the case of 'The Girl On The Train', you should probably just stick to the book.

Final Verdict = C-

8. Trolls

They'll make a movie out of anything you remember as a child it seems. Unfortunately, 'Trolls' is very much targeted towards children, leaving very little entertainment for adults. A decent soundtrack with Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick doing well in their roles were the highlights but that is as good as it got. Kids will surely love this one and if you are looking for something to entertain little ones, then this film should fit the bill.

Final Verdict = C

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7. Blood Father

Mel Gibson is back yet again acting and he is back kicking ass! Gibson is great in his role as a father that you definitely don't want to be messing with. The film very much reflects Gibson's return to film after a few shaky, problematic years and to good effect. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast don't deliver as well as he does and neither does the action. Hopefully, Gibson can continue to improve and partake in better films in the future as he is a true talent.

Final Verdict = C+

6. Queen of Katwe

One of the most uplifting films of the year comes in the form of 'Queen of Katwe'. The true story is a remarkable tale and will make you cherish everything you have as well as make you realise how lucky you are. Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo both do incredible jobs in their roles whilst working with a lot of first-time actors. However, the film does linger on a bit at the end and the film can be accused of having too many subplots, that makes it lose focus at times. I can't see myself watching this film again, but it is more than worthwhile to see at least once.

Final Verdict = B

5. Ouija: Origin of Evil

'Ouija: Origin of Evil' is a huge step up from the first film in the series 'Ouija'. A fantastic build up with the character Doris being one of the creepiest characters from a horror movie that I have ever seen. There are some very effective scares in this film that was much better than it looked. It provided a great late 60's/early 70's feel that really helped elevate the film. However, the film loses a bit of control in the final act where ridiculous things start to happen. The small budget does start to show as things start to look poor in the end. 

Final Verdict = B

4. Doctor Strange

Marvel's latest instalment was yet another fun, great superhero movie. The film looks fantastic, showing a different look than other Marvel films. It does follow the same sort of formula, but once again, it works. Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton shine in their roles, adding more great characters to the MCU. Like other Marvel films, the movie's villain is very weak. They didn't use Mads Mikkelsen to his full potential which was very disappointing. Overall, an entertaining film and if you like superhero movies, you should enjoy this one!

Final Verdict = B+

3. I, Daniel Blake

One of the most powerful and realistic films of the year is 'I, Daniel Blake'. The film is brutally honest with how some of the systems are run here in the UK. Ken Loach does a fantastic job with this film that will surely make you angry. A film that is creating discussion, although those with the ability to change things are too ignorant to look into it. The film is a bit dull at times and repetitive with what it does which does effect it at times. Also, another film that I can't see myself watching again, however, it was more than powerful enough once.

Final Verdict = A-

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2. Storks

Although I gave this a lower rating in quality than 'I, Daniel Blake', I am giving 'Storks' the edge due to how much I enjoyed it. I was so shocked by this film as it is genuinely one of the funniest films I have seen this year. The jokes are so clever, such as the scenes involving the wolves. It does a great job at handling family aspects and the cast is great. Andy Samberg and Stephen Kramer Glickman are fantastic in their roles, with Glickman's 'Pigeon Toady' being one of the highlights of the film. One of my favourite animated movies of the year and one that you should give a chance.

Final Verdict = B+

And my number 1 movie in the month of October is...........

1. Swiss Army Man

Originality seems to be a rarity in Hollywood with sequels, reboots and adaptations constantly being powered out. 'Swiss Army Man' is the definition of originality. A film based on a mans relationship with a farting corpse seems a strange one, but don't be fooled. This film is so incredibly smart as Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe put in one of their best performances. As well as this, the film is incredibly funny with Dano using Radcliffe's body for just about anything. A magnificent, creative film that you must see ASAP. This film is like nothing that you have ever seen before!

Final Verdict = A-

So that concludes my list of the movies that I seen in October. What was your favourite movie in the month of October and also what are you looking forward to seeing this month? Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it is much appreciated!

By Angus McGregor