Sunday, 1 January 2017

Top 15 Films of 2016!

The year is finally coming to an end and with that, critics, bloggers and movie fans have been posting their lists for their top movies of the year. As the year is now over, here is my own personal list of the top 15 movies of 2016. There were many films I could have put on this list as I seen 130 films this year at the cinema- of course not all were good but the worst list will come later. These are the top 20 films that have resonated most with me this year so either I've rated them highly, thoroughly enjoyed them or feel that they will stick with me for a long time. In some cases, they will cover more than one or all of those points. These films are based on what was released in the UK during 2016, so if you're looking for the likes of 'La La Land' or others, they aren't out here yet, unfortunately. So now let's get into my top 15 movies of 2016.

As everyone knows, making this list is extremely hard as there have been so many great films in 2016. Narrowing it down to 15 was very hard and meant that there were some films that just missed the cut. So with that in mind, here are some honourable mentions:

Eye In The Sky
The Nice Guys
Deepwater Horizon
Swiss Army Man
The Neon Demon
10 Cloverfield Lane
The Conjuring 2
& The Light Between Oceans

15. Deadpool

Starting off the list is Rated R superhero that surprised us all, Deadpool. When looking back at the year, nobody expected this film to be as good as it was. 2016 will be remembered as the year Rated R superhero films were born, whether that turns out to be a good thing or not. 'Deadpool' however was hilarious with great action scenes, as Ryan Reynolds made up for 'X-Men: Origins Wolverine'. The film was everything you wanted from it as its simple story worked very effectively.

14. Star Trek Beyond

Next up is the only blockbuster this summer that fully delivered. 'Beyond' was incredibly entertaining with great action scenes as the rebooted Star Trek franchise continues to grow. It is a real shame that this didn't make much money at the box office as this was the blockbuster that we needed when so many were failing us. The performances were all great especially Chris Pine and Sofia Boutella who really shined in this film. It's a real shame that we won't see Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov again as he will be sorely missed after his tragic passing.

13. The Witch

I went into 2016 as quite a sceptic when it came to horror films. After 2016, I have been transformed into quite a fan, with 'The Witch' being a big reason to why. 'The Witch' was a unique, slow burn, eery film that was very effective that really shocked me. I didn't expect to love this film as much as I did but the film is beautiful and extremely well acted. 'The Witch' is the best horror movie this year and one that you must check out.

12. Spotlight

The Oscar Best Picture winner comes in at number 12 for me as 'Spotlight' was fantastic. The story was very interesting but also very shocking due to the subject matter. The performances really help make this film and I am still not over the fact that Mark Ruffalo didn't win Best Supporting Actor for his efforts in this film. Not the most rewatchable film but powerful nonetheless and well worth your time.

11. Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Taika Waititi burst onto the scene in 2014 with 'What We Do In The Shadows'. Two years later, he has returned with yet another New Zealand comedy and to the same effect. 'Hunt For The Wilderpeople' is a delightful small comedy starring Sam Neill as a grumpy old man who has to look after an adopted child. The pair gets lost in the outback in New Zealand and the antics that ensue are achingly funny. One of the year's best comedies as this comedy was a real breath of fresh air.

10. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If the year has a 'Star Wars' movie that I really enjoy, you can guarantee that it will be on my list for my top movies. 'Rogue One' brought us a new story and a new look at the Star Wars universe like never before as it focussed on the actual war between the Rebellion and The Empire. As far as third acts go, you'll struggle to find many better than 'Rogue One's. Had the film been as strong throughout the whole film, it probably would've been higher up. The film, though, was full of great moments that will have fans feeling like kids once again.

9. Zootropolis/Zootopia

Disney's 'Zootropolis' was my favourite animated movie of the year as the world inhabited by animals was highly entertaining as well as fairly deep. The characters were fun and enjoyable for kids and adults alike as Jason Bateman was a perfect casting as Nick Wilde. The film is so incredible as its world building is second to none with clever humour throughout the whole film. The film handles serious issues very well, giving equal enjoyment to adults as well as for younger children.

8. Arrival

Denis Villeneuve further cemented himself as one of Film's best talents with his great sci-fi 'Arrival'. The film isn't your typical alien invasion story but its approach to the genre is equally as effective. The film is very clever and will really make you think during the film and will leave its mark on you once you leave the theatre. A clever twist makes rewatching this film feel like something new as you see it from a different perspective and can pick up new things. Amy Adams is incredible in her role and should get plenty of recognition during award season. If you haven't done so already, make sure you give this film a watch.

7. Captain America: Civil War

In a year where superhero films felt very fatigued, Marvel continued to show how great they can be with 'Captain America: Civil War'. The film does a great job at moulding a story around the tension amongst the Avengers, pitting favourites Iron Man and Captain America against each other. Again, I'm a huge fan of this franchise which has made this resonate with me a lot more than some of these other films. The action in this is unmatched as 'Civil War' makes sure that all of its characters have their special moments, from Giant Man to the introduction of Spider-Man. Entertaining from start to finish, 'Civil War' fully delivered for me.

6. Nocturnal Animals

I'm surprised that this did not crack my top 5 but in at number 6 is Tom Ford's second film 'Nocturnal Animals'. This unique film handles two stories that intertwine very well, creating a very intriguing and emotional film. The performances in this film are incredible with Jake Gyllenhaal and Aaron Taylor-Johnson standing out. I really hope the pair are recognised at the Oscar's, especially for Taylor-Johnson. A very stylish film that has a very well crafted story, Tom Ford certainly did a great job in his return to film.

5. Creed

Going way back to the start of the UK cinema year for this one. 'Creed' continued the 'Rocky' legacy incredibly well as Michael B Jordon starred as Donny Creed. Sylvester Stallone brought one of his best performances to the table but this time as a trainer rather than as a competitor. 'Creed' is a great sports film that hits all the emotional spots whilst providing the best boxing footage ever in a film. Director Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan were unlucky to miss out on Oscar nominations for 'Creed' as this film showed how continuing a franchise can be done.

4. Hell Or High Water

This modern western film was one of the biggest surprises of the year for me. I'd heard great things about the film but I never expected it to be as good as it was. The film focuses on two bank robbers as well as on the Sherriff who is trying to catch them before he retires. The cast of Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges is one of the best this year with all giving incredible performances that could all gain nominations during award season. The slow burn cat and mouse chase is very entertaining and tense at moments. An example of how the smaller films outshone the big budget films this year as 'Hell Or High Water' came out shortly after a very poor summer. 

3. The Edge Of Seventeen

You wouldn't have thought that we'd see a film like this ever again after John Hughes tragically passed away in 2009. However, newcomer Kelly Fremon Craig burst onto the scene with 'The Edge of Seventeen' which she both directed and wrote. This modern coming of age film related with me so much which was very surprising considering it is about a 17-year-old girl. This had great humour, performances and emotional moments as this instantly became one of my favourite movies of the year. Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson are excellent in this great movie that will stick with me for many years to come.

2. Room

I caught 'Room' on the last day that it was in UK cinemas and I am so glad that I did. I have never had such an emotional experience watching a film in the cinema before. This film had me hooked from start to finish in this emotional rollercoaster of a movie. Brie Larson fully deserved her Oscar for her performance and Jacob Tremblay is one to look out for in the future. An extremely powerful film that deserves a lot more recognition. This film will definitely affect you when watching this, a truly fantastic piece of film.

1. Sing Street

When I saw the trailer for 'Sing Street', I really didn't expect much. After I saw the film, I was in love with it. I was stunned by how good this small Irish film was. The film is perfect as it is charming, funny, emotional with a great message. The music is also phenomenal as this talented cast produced great original work as well as great hits from the past. 'Sing Street' is the most fun I have had the cinema this year and is what I'll remember 2016 for. The perfect feel good film that I will rewatch for years to come. 'Sing Street' is the reason why I go to the cinema and I urge you to see this one if you haven't done so yet. I haven't recommended a film more this year as I truly loved 'Sing Street'. Due to this, 'Sing Street' is undoubtedly my top film of 2016!

So that rounds up my list of the top 15 films of 2016! I now want to know what films made your list! Make sure to come back for my Top 10 list of the Worst films in 2016, that will be a fun one. Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it is much appreciated. And all the best for 2017!

By Angus McGregor