Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Room Review

It can now be said that 'Room' is an Oscar winning film due to Brie Larson's recent success as she scooped up the Best Actress award. Transformed from the novel by Emma Donoghue, 'Room' was nominated for 4 Oscars including Best Picture and Adapted Screenplay. But should 'Room' have picked up more Oscars? Or was it even lucky to be up for what it was?

I have one huge regret with this film. That is not seeing it much sooner!

'Room' stars Brie Larson in an Oscar winning role alongside child actor Jacob Tremblay and is the story of a mother and son who are locked inside a room. After being trapped and held captive for seven years, Joy (Larson) comes up with a cunning plan to finally escape and show her son Jack (Tremblay) the true beauty of the world, behind the constraints of the four walls which he knows nothing about what is beyond them. From then on out, Jack is learning and encountering new things every day whilst the psychological damage done to Joy takes it's toll on her.

Jack and Joy stuck in the room

This movie. Wow. This film is so powerful. 'Room' was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay as well as Brie Larson's nomination for Best Actress. These were all very well deserved and I would of been very happy if 'Room' picked up any of these awards. However only Larson was successful out of the nominees in which was a very well deserved win. I feel that 'Room' was also robbed by 'The Big Short' for Best Adapted Screenplay and feel it was the deserving winner. The nominations were more than well deserved and 'Room' can find itself very unlucky to have not been more successful. 

Brie Larson was successful at the Oscars and quite rightly so. She was fantastic in this role and worked phenomenally with everyone she was on screen with. She produced a great role and it was heartbreaking to see her suffering whilst doing her best to raise her 5 year old son whilst trapped in the claustrophobic setting of the room. She showed great range through this film through the times where she was deeply depressed to those moments where she had gotten joy throughout this tragic story. Her acting whilst being in the single room is terrific and she is great when it is the one to one interactions between her and Jack. Also you can clearly see the psychological effects from this torture on her character as you can still see her breaking down even though she's escaped the clutches of this evil man. It is clear to see why she won the Oscar after fending off tough competition, very well deserved.

Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson was phenomenal

Larson isn't the only one deserved of praise. I 100% believe that Jacob Tremblay should of at least been acknowledged by the Academy and should have earned a Best Actor nomination. I really do believe that he should of been nominated, in my view, he deserved it more than Matt Damon. The kid really was the star of the film and the main protagonist. Without a great performance, this film wouldn't of worked and wouldn't of got the high praises it has received. Tremblay showed fantastic range in a very difficult role as he was stuck in a room for the first half of the film. He was fantastic and it is even more incredible considering that he is only 9 years old. The chemistry between himself and Larson was fantastic and you really felt everything that the pair were going through. If he can maintain performances like this one then ladies and gentleman, we have a star in the making.

A star for the future: Jacob Tremblay

This film will most definitely play with your emotions. There is no doubt about that. This is a movie experience that I cannot compare to any other. This is due to the fact that I have never ever came so close to crying in a cinema before. I certainly wouldn't blame anyone for doing so at this film. You really feel for the characters in this film as you can see what they have to live in which isn't the way anyone should be spending their lives. The way of living that this young woman and her very young son is terrible and the claustrophobic setting makes you want them to escape even quicker. The way that Joy also uses herself to protect her son and keep him away from the sick, sadistic man who is holding the two captive isn't good for the heart either. The moment where the pair are reunited after the escape is the tear trembler and is a beautiful part of the film and you are so glad to see this happen. If you see this movie you are going to be in for a roller-coaster with your emotions being tugged at at all times.

'Room' also does a fantastic job at showing how the media can react to such stories as these. Although Joy and Jack have just escaped a living nightmare, there hospital and homes were surrounded by crowds of people looking to get the scoop of the story. This shows how insensitive people can really be at a time where people really need to have their privacy respected. This is also clear from the interview conducted with Joy and the insensitivity is ever apparent. The journalist asks horrible questions to Joy clearly upsetting her just for a story to report on. This shows pretty well that how people in general can be really insensitive when a person needs support so desperately.

Joy being questioned by a presenter

One of the brighter sides of this film is seeing how Jack reacts to the new things in his life. From him adjusting to seeing all of the different colours in the world to him interacting with other humans for the first time. It is great seeing him progress from being completely shy and rightfully not being able to trust anyone immediately to showing his love for the new members of his family. There are a few scenes that are great at showing this and fill you with happiness such as Jack's encounter with his grandmother when he entrusts her to cut her hair and personally deliver it to her as a way of bringing his strength and support to her whilst they were separated. Also it was great seeing Jack live out something he'd wanted for as long as he can remember when he has his first time playing with a family dog. The happiness that you can see from Jack in this scene is incredible and is a real feel good moment as we see Jack truly enjoying life with something that most people would take for granted.

There's only really one negative thing I have to say about the film and that has to do with the encounter between Joy and her father. It is made clear that during the time that Joy has been missing that her mother and father have split up. This then leads to an encounter at dinner where the father seems very uncomfortable and then makes an excuse to leave. It also has him refusing to acknowledge Jack in any way. This didn't really have a lot of context around it and didn't seem to have a reason for doing so. A bit more information to why he was acting like this wouldn't of done the film any harm at all.
Joy being reunited with her parents

Final Verdict: Room = A+

Room is one of the best films out of those nominated for Oscars and is truly phenomenal. A must see but prepare for your emotions to be toyed with.

So if you have seen 'Room' what did you think of it? If you have read the book, how does it compare? I highly recommend this film and hope this review may of convinced you to see it. Once again thank you so much for reading, it means a lot!

By Angus McGregor